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Universal Storage – A KSP mod

Universal Storage is a parts mod for Kerbal Space Program that adds a set of stack mounted ‘core’ parts and a number of ‘wedges’ that fit on the core.  This allows you to build custom service modules to fit your mission, taking only the resources you need into orbit.  US is designed to work with other mods, including the popular life support mods.  Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) compatibility allows you to change out wedges on mission, useful for space stations or craft constructed in orbit.  The science bay part provides an internal location to surface mount science parts as well as compatibility with DMagic orbital science mod providing many more experiments.

2.5m stack with Octocore. It is recommended to make parts symmetrical to keep weight centered.
Apollo style command service module. Image created with Kronal Vessel Viewer.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with the mod, let me know on the KSP forums


Universal Storage can be downloaded from the following locations:


You can download the mod from SpaceDock.com.  Browse to the site and select the download option, this will download a zip file.  Simply unpack the file and follow the installation instructions included.

Space Dock also includes a system to alert you to new versions of the mod.  To use this function you must create an account on Space Dock then follow Universal Storage.  You will be emailed updates and a change log whenever a new version is released.


CKAN is an automated repository system for KSP that allows you to quickly find and install the mods you like.

Assuming you have downloaded and run CKAN simply:

  1. Refresh the mod list to ensure you have the latest data
  2. Scroll down to Universal Storage and tick the box (note you do not need the additional packs, these have been rolled into the main mod)
  3. Go to changes to apply the installation. Note the dependencies will be installed alongside US as these are required for the mod to work)
  4. CKAN will also give you a list of suggested mods to install.  These are not required but will expand the capabilities of the mod.


The current and all previous versions are available on my onedrive folder.  This location lacks the documentation of the other two sites and should be used as a backup.
Download here

1.25m stack featuring DMagic Orbital Science experiment wedges.
Wedges are accessible via EVA using Kerbal Inventory System.

Designed to work with other mods

Universal Storage is designed to work with lots of other mods, Universal Storage will automatically detect these mods and add / adjust parts to match. For the best experience we recommend the following:

Kerbal Inventory System

Universal Storage works with Kerbal Inventory System. With KIS installed you can pick up wedges and place them in cores. You’ll also get access to new parts designed for KIS.

DMagic Orbital Science

This amazing mod adds lots of new science parts and contracts, giving you lots of new opportunities to advance Kerbal knowledge. The Orbital Science mod includes some science experiment wedges that will be available with Universal Storage and Orbital Science both installed.

Life support mods

Universal Storage includes config files to work with the populate life support mods, providing the resources required to keep your Kerbals alive. New parts will be available depending on what life support mod you have installed.

Supported mods include:

  • TAC Life Support
  • Asmi’s ECLSS
  • IonCross Life Support
  • IFI Life Support
  • Snacks!
  • USI Life Support

Community Tech Tree

Universal Storage includes a community tech tree config file. Kindly provided by GrimerX

Connected Living Space

The OctoCore and HexaCore include tranfer corridors when CLS is installed.



Universal Storage is created by New Horizons and NOX Industrial

Initial concept, coding, lifesupport balancing, and supporting materials – Paul Kingtiger

Asset modelling, texturing, animations, Unity work and visual development – Simon Hinton

For support visit the Universal Storage Forum Thread



Models and textures

The models and textures, including the .mu files and image files are copyright of Simon Hinton who reserves all rights.

  • You may download and use these files and modify them for personal use.
  • You may not publish or share these files or derivatives of these files.
  • You may not reverse engineer these files.
  • You may externally reference these files using the model command in KSP
  • For permission to use the model and texture assets in a way other than the above message Simon via the KSP forums

Part.cfg and module manager files

All files included in the mod ending in .cfg are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  • You may download and use these files and modify them for personal use.
  • You may publish and share these files and derivatives of these files.
  • You must credit the authors (Paul Kingtiger and Simon Hinton) when publishing this files or derivatives of, including a link to this page

Screen shots, images and videos

You may create and publish screen shots, images and videos featuring Universal Storage running as part of KSP, including for commercial or financial gain.  This does not include the texture image files, except when viewed ‘in-game’ as part of Kerbal Space Program.

Note: this license does not override or supersede any existing license regarding Kerbal Space Program or Squad

3rd party mods and plug-ins packaged with Universal Storage

Module Manager

Advanced Animator